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The Birds of Singapore – Online Book


Our concept is very simple.  In fact, it might seem a little altruistic, possibly even anarchic!


We feel many reference books should be published on the World Wide Web, made freely accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection, especially books that are very rare or out of print.

It will facilitate research and will be environmentally friendly since students will no longer have to make reams of photo-copies at reference libraries.

The true concept, however, will be best applied to works-in-progress.  Many natural history books tend to get updated every five to ten years.  Buying such updates can become an expensive business for students or libraries, even for the publishers.

Published on the Web, minor corrections or major updates can be done even on a day-to-day basis, at practically no additional cost at all.  The book keeps on growing and, literally, becomes a living book!

The Birds of Singapore



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Open access academic articles

From Cornell University Library.
Free open access academic articles from Physics, Mathematics and Biology.
Over 411,019 e-prints.

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Beak of the Finch

A pulitzer prize work on evolution. Traces evolution of the finch and discuss the progression of ideas in this field by Jonathan Weiner.

More information on the book here.

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Richard Dawkins

One of the more prolific academics and authors in evolutionary studies.
Author of the Selfish Gene and also more recently, The God Delusion.

More details on him at his website – Richard

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