Lungless Frog Barbourula kalmantanesis


This might be a milestone in macroevolutionary studies. How does a tetrapod lose its lungs?

Sad thing is that frog faces severe threat of habitat degradation.

For more reads –

The Enigmatic Bornean Lungless Frog – Barbourula kalimantanensis (Anura: Bombinatoridae) – A First Hand Encounter – By Dr Tan Heok Hui

First Lungless Frog Found – By National Geographic

Siva’s writeup


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One response to “Lungless Frog Barbourula kalmantanesis

  1. Ong Jing Han

    Although the frog is lung less, it seems to have nostril where would they lead to? Is it because the frog evolved to become lung less from ‘normal’ frogs, hence the nostrils or is it some other form of structural adaptation?

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