Evolution simulation games

Resources for understanding and simulating evolution.

All block quotes extracted from wikipedia.

Avida Digital Life Platform:

Download Mac version here

Avida is an artificial life software platform to study the evolutionary biology of self-replicating and evolving computer programs (digital organisms). Avida is under active development by Charles Ofria’s Digital Evolution Lab at Michigan State University and was originally designed by Ofria, Chris Adami and C. Titus Brown at Caltech in 1993. The software was inspired by the Tierra system.


Evolve 4.0

Download here.

Evolve 4.0 is an open source, freeware artificial life simulator, developed by Ken Stauffer. It provides a virtual environment in which a number of digital organisms interact, fight for resources, and eventually reproduce and evolve. This version of the software was released in May of 2006. This simulator runs on Windows and the batch mode utility runs on Linux.
Evolve 4.0 is designed to simulate thousands of organisms for many billions of births and deaths. To achieve this level of performance the universe has been simplified to a 2D grid.

Coming up, possibly the coolest game of all time – SPORE. A game with infinite possibilities.

Spore is a PC game under development by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. The game has drawn wide attention for its promise to simulate the development of a species through open-ended, procedural generation, user-guided evolution.



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  1. Ong Jing Han

    Spore is super cool, do you have a copy? I have been wanting to get one for ages!

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